New book is a testament of how these three women greatly influenced the author’s own history that spanned eight decades

His maternal grandmother, his mother and his wife are the greatest influencers who shaped not only “The Life of an Ordinary Man” but even his world. Author Norman Ross takes readers on a journey back to as early as the 1940’s through personal vignettes, both in words and photographs, and to the present with some poems. This biography may record historical events but readers will realize that some truths are actually stranger than fiction.

This book is one of stories, all true accounts of what actually took place in history, in this case the author’s own history. Through the pages, readers will learn of how his dear grandmother taught him many of life’s lessons; how his beloved mother’s mission in life was to raise her children in an atmosphere of love; and how his darling wife’s faith, determination and love filled and completed his and their children’s lives.

From the author’s beautiful country of Scotland, he shares a story very close to his heart and encompasses the land they love, the people they met and the lives they lived. The black-and-white pictures of the different generations of his loving family have added to the colors of the pages of his memoir.

This book is now available online and can purchased at Writers Republic, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

Norman Ross married Alida in 1966 and they had nine children and 32 grandchildren. He obtained two degrees in Civil Engineering and worked as an engineer and construction manager throughout his working life. Too late, he realized that he was not suited for a career that required an organized meticulous mindset. He should have been a writer.


The Life of an Ordinary Man

by Norman Ross

Publication Date: July 17, 2020; 198 pages

Paperback $12.99; 9781646204373

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