I am a very ordinary man. I doubt that a search of the Internet would uncover many, if any, articles about me. I have not been a famous explorer, nor an inventor, a painter like Constable, a writer like Dickens. The list of my non-achievements is lengthy. Nevertheless, even ordinary men and women leave behind a legacy when they leave this world. Our lives have an impact on our fellows, for good or bad.

In 1966, I married a wonderful woman, Alida. She was to become mother to nine beautiful children who, by 2020, have produced 30 grandchildren for us. Sadly, in 2012, Alida contracted Lewy Body Dementia. Five years later, God took her to Himself two days after Christmas 2017.

I obtained two degrees in Civil Engineering and worked as an engineer and construction manager throughout my working life. Too late, I realised that I was not suited for a career that required an organised and meticulous mindset. Perhaps I should have been a writer.