An octogenarian honors three women in this new book which is a testament of how they influenced his eight-decade history. His maternal grandmother, his mother and his wife are the greatest influencers who shaped not only “The Life of an Ordinary Man” but even his world. From his beautiful country of Scotland, author Norman Ross shares a story very close to his heart and encompasses the land they love, the people they met and the lives they lived. The black-and-white pictures of the different generations of his loving family have added to the colors of the pages of his memoir. 


I am a very ordinary man. I doubt that a search of the Internet would uncover many, if any, articles about me. I have not been a famous explorer, nor an inventor, a painter like Constable, a writer like Dickens. The list of my non-achievements is lengthy. Nevertheless, even ordinary men and women leave behind a legacy when they leave this world. Our lives have an impact on our fellows, for good or bad.


I enjoy writing. I don’t possess an imagination that can make up fiction, so I only write about actual historical events particularly those that occurred during my life. As has been said, truth can be stranger than fiction. Necessarily, my writings include stories involving my forebears, but they predominantly document events that took place during my marriage with Alida.